Blood Done Sign My Name
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  What Got You?
Here are a few of the things I'm grappling with:

"That's just how clueless local white authorities were -- they thought that black people might stop complaining if the town simply built enough basketball courts" (212).
Though the "white authorities" in the basketball court story seem almost a stereotype of blindness, I wonder what it is that I'm not seeing, and my fellow white people are not seeing, today. ...Katrina may have brought some of this out.

"This was the first sign for Mama that there existed a world on yonder side of the color line, where white eyes and ears could not readly penetrate and where black people did not necessarily accept white valuations of moral worth" (26).
Where is the color line today, in Madison, Wisconsin? Are we segregated? When do I make contact across the color line? When do others in my community? What was my first sign? What was yours?

Tyson talks at length about what he calls "the sexual obsessions of white supremacy." What do you think about this? I've been wondering about whether we are seeing traces of this in the headline stories about Paul Barrows. You?

So... what got you?
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